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Hello Parents!
Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  I know that you are as excited for your child to start school as they are:)  For the parents of SENIORS, enjoy every moment because the countdown to graduation begins on August 22nd!  To the parents of incoming freshmen/new players to the program, we had a great tryout in June and the coaching staff is excited to meet you in person and for your daughter to develop friendships with teammates that will certainly extend beyond high school!

In this email I have attempted to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the first week of school procedures and beyond.  There is a lot to cover, so let's get right to it.

As many of you know, school starts Tuesday, August 22nd. Returning and new players have been added to the 6th period soccer class and 'girls soccer' should be listed on your daughter's class schedule received at registration last week.  Initial team placement tryouts will be conducted from August 22nd- Sept 1st.  The evaluation/team placement tryout will be the same as that conducted in the Spring.  New players received the tryout outline with their 'congratulations' email.

Starting on the first day of school all players will need to dress out.  Please wear soccer attire (tshirt, shorts, running shoes and have cleats in hand) and report to the track no later than 2:30pm.  There is no need to buy a PE uniform. Samo Soccer gear will be available in late September. There are two soccer locker rooms for players to change located in the North Gym, N126 and N128.  If unfamiliar with the school, new students can ask any teacher, coach, admin, custodian, or student-athlete where the girls locker rooms are.  Lockers will be assigned after the second week of school but please bring a personal lock to secure your belongings for the time being.  Feel free to use any open locker the first two weeks.

The first two days of school (Tuesday, Aug 22nd and Wednesday, Aug 23rd) all players will remain on campus at SAMO.  Players will be dismissed at 3:16pm. Starting Thursday, August 24th we will begin practicing exclusively at John Adams Middle (JAMS) starting at 3pm and dismissed at 4:15pm for the remainder of the preseason (Aug - Nov).  Follow the dress code listed below for every practice.

Schedule will be as follows starting Thursday, August 24th until the beginning of winter season in mid November
  • Mon - Jams 3-4:15 wear navy tshirt
  • Tues - Jams 3-4:15 wear gray tshirt
  • Wed -  Jams 3-4:15 wear white tshirt
  • Thurs - Jams 3-4:15 wear navy tshirt
  • Fri - Jams 3-4:15 wear gray tshirt

As stated above, we will be at John Adams Middle School starting on the 24th of August.  Players will be jogging together to the middle school.  Coach Chapman will be transporting the backpacks/gear of all players in his SUV.  Please limit the number of bags to only 2.  There will be an off-campus permission form distributed to all players the first day of school.  They are due back and signed no later than Thursday, August 24th by the end of lunch.  Students can turn them in at any time in Coach Chapman's classroom (H215) or Coach Yumori's classroom (L110).  This form is essential to allow players to leave campus 6th period starting on August 24th. The meeting point/bag pickup is the 7th and Michigan gate.  Be there no later than 2:30pm.  Parents are welcome to pick up their child from JAMS at the conclusion of practice.  There will be no transportation provided back to campus as each player will have their belongings.  These procedures will be reiterated on the first two days of school at practice.

Teams will be assigned at the conclusion of the 2nd week.  Those who have not yet passed the minimum fitness requirements for their respective teams they make, will still be jogging to JAMS.  Testing for team fitness minimums (mile, beep test, 120's) will be available at lunch or at another mutually agreed upon time.  Please be sure to notify a coach the day prior if you want to be tested.

Those players who have passed the team fitness minimums after the second week will have the option of continuing to jog to JAMS or may use alternative modes of transportation to reach practice (i.e. blue bus, bike, parent drives them, drive themselves).  Please note that parents may only transport their own child to JAMS.  For liability reasons neither parents nor players (of driving age) may transport other players that are not family members. A parent wishing to transport a player, other than their own must fill out a volunteer driver form.  Forms are available from the Athletic Directors secretary, Ms Yvonne Strahn (  Please contact her for further information.

We have a wide range of players on soccer teams other than Samo.  Special consideration will be given to those playing club or ayso during the fall season.  They will not be required to do fitness on their club/ayso practice days (i.e. back to back practice days) provided they have passed the fitness minimums (mile, 120's, beep test).  The player's club/ayso practice and game schedule must be emailed to Coach Chapman along with name and phone number of club/ayso coach in order to be given special consideration.  Please inform coaches ASAP of any club/ayso practice or game changes so we can accommodate.

In the preseason (Aug-Nov), the practice times are kept short (1hr 15min) to respect player and family time and schedules.  Feel free to pick up your daughter at the scheduled end time of practice, even if practice is still going on.  However, practice start times are sharp and the entire team will be kept at practice the same number of minutes it took everyone to be ready to start.  For example, if we start 5 minutes late, we stay an extra 5 minutes.  Fyi- Lacing up cleats at 3pm does not count as being ready on time.

Athletic clearance is required every year.  As you know, physicals are only good for one calendar year and players must be cleared to participate each year. The entire packet is online and due by November 9th.  Please see attachment for instructions and link.  Most new players who tried out in June have been cleared.  All other returning players still need to complete clearance process. All this information and much more can be also found on our website, please bookmark:

Lastly, here are some key upcoming dates to mark on your calendar:

-Parent meeting Sept 13th 6-7 in the student cafeteria
-If haven't already completed and turned in, athletic clearance packet is due Nov 9th - complete packet is online - see attachment for directions and link
-Fundraiser bake sale on Sunday, October 22nd (Sophomores and Seniors only).  A second bake sale is scheduled for Sunday, February 18th, 2018 (Freshmen and Juniors).  If there is a conflict on the day assigned, you may trade places with a teammate and must notify Coach Chapman of the switch.
-Kickoff Dinner: Thursday, Nov 16th
-Team Photos: Friday, Nov 17th

For budgetary reasons, as well as equity, there will be not be a FS or JV tournament this year.  
Complete team schedules are being finalized and will be available at the parent meeting on September 13th.  If you believe you have a conflict and cannot attend, please email me.

Enjoy the last few days of summer!  Know that the faculty and staff at Samo have started prepping for your return and are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday! Please feel free to email me back with any questions.

Coach Chapman

Important Dates:

Sept. 13, 2017
Oct. 22, 2017
Nov. 9, 2017
Nov. 16, 2017
Nov. 17, 2017
Feb. 18, 2018

Parent meeting in the Cafeteria, 6-7pm
Bake Sale (Soph & Seniors only)
Athletic Clearance packet due
Kickoff Dinner
Team Photos
Bake Sale (Fresh & Juniors only)